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8 Best WordPress Elementor Plugins from JetPlugins Family to Keep Your Site Up-to-Date


1. Introduction
2. To Be or Not to Be: the Necessity of Plugin Usage
3. JetPlugins overview
4. Bottoms up

Simplicity attracts but extraordinariness engages permanently. Having a website with a clean, minimalist design and basic functionality is great since people appreciate intuitive interfaces and smooth navigation. However, with such a standard website, you can lose your visitors some day or other because they would strive for more interesting, fascinating, and engaging service. This is part of human being to become pickier and more demanding. So what to do to satisfy their needs, to stand out from the crowd and to attract organic traffic on an on-going basis? The answer is rather easy: just try premium plugins to enhance your website look and performance.


To Be or Not to Be: the Necessity of Plugin Usage

Today it’s difficult to find the developer who would underestimate the role of premium-quality plugins for a powerful website. Each and every professional webmaster working with various website templates understands that WordPress Elementor plugins are intended to solve an important problem, to advance site’s functionality, or improve user experience. Sometimes they serve as an indispensable part of web developing process. Moreover, with each passing year, the number of top-rated plugins is extremely increasing, and users face the problem: which one to choose. Let’s take a closer look at so-called JetPlugin Family, particularly at eight best performing plugins:

Title Price Main Features
JetWooBuilder $15 WooCommerce-dedicated
multiple powerful widgets
easy to customize
JetTricks $15 Parallax effect
responsive design
catchy unfolding columns
hotspots and tool-tips elements
JetBlog $15 multiple top-rated modules
comprehensive documentation
WooCommerce elements included
JetElements $15 multiple pre-made widgets
WooCommerce elements
Contact Form 7
various homepage styles
JetMenu $15 rich set of colors
responsive design
stunning badges
changeable backgrounds
JetBlocks $15 widgets for header and footer
fully responsive design
limitless style settings
clear documentation
JetEngine $15 widgets for dynamic content
dynamic listing/grid layouts
detailed tutorial
JetGuten $15 works with Gutenberg editor
unique documentation
set of content blocks

As you can see, every plugin is intended to provide your Elementor-powered website with a specific feature, option or function. Let’s check what plugin you need:

JetWooBuilder – Must-Have WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

This addon allows users to create tons of commercial content with the use of various WooCommerce widgets. After integrating this extension into your e-store, it will be possible to craft a Single Product HTML page template and showcase products in a favorable, attention-grabbing manner.

  • hover effects;
  • comprehensive documentation;
  • friendly and qualified 24/7 support;
  • no coding skills needed to succeed in implementing of this tool into your website structure;
  • unlimited set of page layouts;
  • outstanding, fully responsive design.

JetTricks – Fascinating Visual Effects Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

With this handy, easy-to-implement extension made especially for Elementor builder, your website pages will become more visually appealing and polished looking. They will grab more visitors’ attention to your content providing your service with huge organic traffic.

  • Designed for adding various visual effects.
  • Easily applied for different content.
  • Enhanced with eye-catching Parallax animation, tasty-looking Particles and Satellite effects.
  • Produces the stylish effect of unfolded columns.
  • Helps to create appealing CTA and “View More” buttons.

JetBlog – Awesome Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

This accurate package of handy and useful elements and tools for providing inviting and feature-rich blog is easy to install and manage. With this powerful plugin, your website pages will be enriched with visually appealing, smoothly functioning content widgets.

  • Easy to work with even without special knowledge and skills.
  • Well-thought and outstanding modules including all the needed details to reach a perfect style.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Friendly support.

JetElements – Handy Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

It’s one of the widely used and effective addons for Elementor framework. JetElements provides with the rich set of tools and features allowing you to create a powerful website in the blink of an eye.

  • Rich variety of useful elements for all occasions.
  • Handy Contact form 7 integrated.
  • Access to pre-styled blocks for Elementor widgets.
  • Allows adding pre-made homepage layouts directly to your site in a few clicks.
  • Enhanced with WooCommerce features letting users run a solid e-store effortless.

JetMenu – Stylish Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

With this top-notch plugin, you won’t have difficulty with building a complex menu with dropdown elements. Enriched with multiple content modules, the plugin gives you a great chance to create a really handy and smoothly working menu fast and easy.

  • Powered by flexible Elementor page builder.
  • Possibility to create vertical menu and style up it without effort.
  • Boasts loads of attractively-looking mega menu elements like imagery, posts, and other media content.
  • Responsive design flows freely on any device.
  • Rich color palette to make your site’s look modern, stylish, and attention-grabbing.

JetBlocks – Needed Elementor Header & Footer Widgets WordPress Plugin


Details |  Demo

JetBlocks is a must-have for your website building process because it helps to craft sticky and impeccable headers and footers. With tons of gorgeous widgets incorporated, you will easily shape your homepage and make it shine.

  • The rich collection of powerful, stylish widgets including convenient search form, catchy shopping cart and handy registration block.
  • Easy to install, manage and customize.
  • Unlimited customization settings to craft your dream web pages.
  • Looks amazing on any screen of any modern device.
  • Accurate documentation to simplify your work with the plugin.

JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor WordPress Plugin

jet engine

Details |  Demo

JetEngine plugin equipped with the comprehensive set of dynamic listing widgets gives you an opportunity to create various custom post types and add other Elementor-powered layouts to them.

  • Doesn’t need programming skills and knowledge.
  • It’s possible to add custom fields on the fly.
  • Best tool for crafting custom taxonomies.
  • Uses the complex query method to showcase different content.

JetGuten – Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor WordPress Plugin



Details |  Demo

If you want to stylize your content and stand out from the crowd on the web, take advantage of this top-rated plugin with extensive functionality. With Gutenberg editor, you will be able to add stylish, beautiful, cutting-edge elements, banners, blocks to your website.

  • Stuffed with simple and clear content blocks like progress bar, pricing table, map, etc.
  • Gutenberg-compatible.
  • Competent 24/7 support.
  • Unique documentation.

Summarizing all the above, it’s obvious that all these amazing Elementor-based plugins from Jet-family are carefully designed by pros to enhance your website functionality, improve UX possibilities and update the overall website’s appearance. Take benefit from more functionality to suit your needs. Content is king but Jet plugins allow you to make his crown shine brighter and catchier.

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