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Give Your Travel Blog a Roaring Start with WordPress Themes

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Travel will never go out of fashion. If you want to grab a piece of that pie, it’s time to start your own travel business. Well, breaking into the travel niche is great but there are some things to consider. Chances are that someone told you that the travel business is easier to start online. Okay, did he mention the fierce competition in this field?. More Similar PostsSample Proposal Templates, Creative Sticker Mockups.

And the first mistake most travel entrants do, they believe that they should keep their range of services broad. Now listen, they are wrong. Remember, if you want to give your travel business a roaring start, you’d better keep it narrow. How can you prove your expertise without passion? Passion can help start your travel business on the right foot and become a true expert in your field.

So, What Are You Passionate About?

When you think about your niche, forget about something complicated or rare. Do you love the planning process or enjoy helping others have great experiences? Or maybe you’re interested in luxury travel or creating education tours for ESL students? Great! No matter your reason, it’s vital to put boundaries on what you do and sell. Just because travel is a saturated niche, you can’t be an expert on everything. Make sure your passion for travel jumps the queue ahead of your travel website. All in all, without passion your travel business is bound to fail.

Here’s another great formula that works great when finding your niche. Club your travel passion with another one of your passions to create a more specific niche. So, try out the following:

  • Travel + cooking
  • Travel + family
  • Travel + fashion
  • Travel + fitness
  • Travel + children
  • Travel + weddings, and so on.
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Adventure travel, ancestry tourism, destination weddings, gastro-tourism, themed cruises, and the list goes on. Brainstorm ways you can break into today’s competitive travel business and show off your true passion for the world. Well, if you get a little creative with it, you’ll be able to create a business that serves both you and your customer.

Build a Website

Now, when you end up with your travel niche, it’s time to take it public. As the travel business is so competitive, creating a strong brand image can set you apart. The same goes for your travel blog name. Indeed, you can name it whatever you like but there’s a trick. Forget about terms like adventurous, trip or vagabond, the market is overcrowded with such names. So, you’d better think out of the box. I bet, it works. Once you are ready with your travel blog’s name, it’s time to get down to the website building.

Maybe I wouldn’t surprise you by saying that building a modern website is not rocket science these days. Chances are you’ve heard this before, some of you might even try to get your hands wet into the web design. Didn’t like the result? Let me break the steps down to you in another way.

#1 Hosting

Hosting is a place where your travel blog is going to live in. No matter what hosting provider you choose, it’s a great little investment for any serious blogger. No, it shouldn’t be expensive from the ground up. You may start small and once your readers’ base grows, you’ll need more flexibility to keep your website live. Do the research and find what works for you best.

#2 WordPress Installation

WordPress is a game-changer CMS platform today. Moreover, it’s the number one choice for most contemporary bloggers of any niche. Especially great, WordPress serves those with a skill gap. WordPress installation is a one-click process that is as simple as that. So, once it’s installed, it’s time to continue the fun.

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#3 Picking the Right Travel WordPress Theme

Picking the Right Travel WordPress Theme

To tell the truth, this is my favorite part. Why? Well, picking the right best travel templates depends on you. To get you up to speed, there are tons of WordPress themes for travel blogs, some brilliant, some great, and some not so good. And it’s completely up to you to pick. So, if you make the wrong pick, the idea behind your website will stay unclear to your audience. But how to know which one fits your needs best?

Well, there’s no silver bullet. Your business is unique even though it’s surrounded by thousands of competitors. Your task is to make this uniqueness visible from first sight. That’s when the right WordPress theme for travel will come to your aid.

WordPress theme for travel blogs

Why go with a Travel WordPress Template?

Well, the most evident answer here is just because such ready-to-go solutions make your life easier right from the start. Bundled with everything you may need to design greatness, top WordPress themes fit your budget as well as your design capabilities. As a result, you are able to create a modern travel website in a far quicker amount of time.

So, what would you get? A set of pre-designed pages for all occasions, mobile-first design, tons of customization options, easy to manage settings and a collection of premium plugins ready to expand your website’s functionality. Also, coded with the best search engine optimization practices, premium solutions allow your website to keep its ranking top.

A friendly 24/7 customer support comes as a nice extra. When you need help in falling everything into places, 24/7 support will do the trick. In fact, it should be high on your list when picking the right travel WordPress template. As for me, it was a serious bell that showed all the expertise of the templates’ provider.

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Indeed, if you’re sure that you are able enough to build a modern website with no support, head to other marketplaces. Chances are you’ll get a template for a lower price. From the one side, why overpay if you are just starting out? Well, a reasonable question. Now answer do you plan to have a roaring start or quick fall? Usually, when people buy new clothing say a suit or a dress, what is their idea? To impress, or to let it get dust in the closet? The same here. Your travel website is your chance to show off, so do a favor and show people who you are.

#4 Customization

Customization of your travel WordPress template is the most interesting and important part of growing your brand. Start with your passion first and then move to other parts of your website. Thank carefully whether you need a booking feature, commenting system, interactive world maps, fund requirements or compare offers functionality. Remember that your possibilities in terms of customization are almost endless.

Wrap up

Indeed, inbound marketing strategies pay a vital role in spreading the word about your travel website. There are many more important issues to consider once your website is up and running. But just like fire starts with a match, a modern website starts with the right WordPress theme. Blogging is a powerful tool in reaching out to people. If done right, it makes it easier to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


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