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Best Pinterest Auto Tools in 2018 (Free Trail)

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I would love Pinterest Tools For rapid growth of Pinterest Traffic and Making Brand For Business. I found Four Brilliant Tools


No.1 Tailwindapp

You may be a blogger or running your own website then this post is definitely for you after reading this post You love it for Sure. Nowadays social media is the best way to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc. I totally love Pinterest because it will generate good traffic for my website but every time I have to spend a lot of time to pin and schedule. Here I am introducing Tailwind Tool Pinterest and Instagram Tool for Scheduling Pins (Unlimited)

Smarter Visual Marketing

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so have tried tailwindapp it is the best tool ever you can create pins and schedule to peak times of Pinterest traffic so that your pins will get good traffic to your website. By using tailwindapp you can also Discover similar content like your boards and pins.

Scheduled Pins

but we could not able to pin on Pinterest while the traffic is on peak traffic, so the tool called tailwindapp will help you. It is the best tool that ever I have seen you can start 7 Days free trial.

This is my last one-week Tailwing Dashboard overview and happy with followers growing day by day.

Dashboard Overview


You can add your Instagram account also and you can schedule your pin according to the time slot. You can also join tribes also, tribes are nothing but group boards where you will find similar boards like you.

Profile Performance

This is my Complete overview Pinterest Rapid Growth. Yup Happy With Tailwind.

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 Get Started


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No.2 Boardbooster

Boardbooster is amazing features like scheduling your pins and boardbooster can save your time pin each day. Boardbooster will pin for you. You can watch your Pinterest account growth day by day. Boardbooster will promote your business and make it a brand value for your website.

One of the major important features of board booster is scheduling  Pins and looping your pins this is how you can save your valuable time and money by using board booster how to start and set up your board booster schedule.

boardbooster Schedule pins


Setup Account :

Go to Boardbooster and create the account. You will get 100 free repins for the first-time signup. Click on the ‘Add Boards’ button on the top right corner.

boardbooster add boards

After Pinterest boards to Boardbooster then you have to select the time slot to pin.

Free boardbooster time slot


Now You can site relax Boardbooster pin and save time. This can also Improve pin quality.

Finally, Gain Pinterest Followers & Promote business with Boardbooster Sign up Now 


No.3 Milotree:

Milotree is the way convert your Website customers to Pinterest Followers. It is not the auto tool for schedule pins. The MiloTree provides smart pop-up is the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way to grow your social media followers and email list.

milotree Review

Milotree will display a popup that will be displayed on your Website. Personally, I have increased my Pinterest Followers from 432 to 2677 still growing day by. Look at below Milotree Pop on My site and Mobile.


milotree smart pop-up

On-site Milotree will display Popup of Social Media Profiles that will converts into followers and Email Subscribers list. You can see sample preview in below image.

milotree plans


Finally, Gain Pinterest Followers and Promote Brand Business Value. – Sign Up Now


No.4 PinPinterest.

I just love Pinterest to promote my graphic design products and services. Recently I have started using of a pinpinterest Auto tool which is helping tremendously to grow my Pinterest followers list and helping me to pin from my website. By using this service I am saving a lot of time & I am able to increase my Pinterest Traffic. I would love to work with this tool again and again. Start Free Pinpinterest Trail 

pinpinterest reviews

Pinpinterest will automatically will schedule your Pinterest Pins. By using pinpinterest Auto Tool service you can do below tasks.

  • Auto Pin 
  • Schedule
  • Pin Website
  • Follow
  • Invite
  • Unfollow

Look at my personal experience of pinpinterest from last one month I have increased my followers from 432 to 2539 followers as of now. Have a look at above screenshot image.

Complete Free Trail Signup – Things Do in Pinpinterest :

1. Provide Tags In Pinpinterest Account:

Let me tell you how you can start to increase your pinterest traffic. You have provide Tags. Let Us Consider me. I have selected graphics “graphic design ,graphic designing ,graphic art ,website templates ,website design ,designs ,indesign ,adobe illustrator ,adobe photoshop ,photoshop free download”. Like this, you have to provide specific tags so that Pinpinterest auto tool can follow that specific Followers only behalf of you. This will be completely helpful for personal, business and promotion purpose also.

pinterest Tags


2.Dashboard (Enable/Disable):

As I said before you can do the following tasks mentioned in the below image dashboard. For example, if you want to enable follow button so it will be automatically will follow your Niche followers. Just make sure you have to click on the start button which is in green color in the image & you have to enable the specific task that has to be done by Pinpinterest auto tool. Rest that tool will take care of everything.

pinterest dashboard



3. Set Speed Control: 

A most important thing that you have to do is you have to set speed control. You can see in the image there are primary settings that will automatically follow. If you want to increase or decrease you can do it on your own, but make sure you should not go more numbers. Because that will be in trouble for your Pinterest account. It’s good to go by ideal Pinterest numbers as mentioned in the image.

pinterest Control


Pinpinterest auto tool will also comment behalf of you as you can see in the image there are few comments are listed in the image so that type of comments these comments are used to come and behalf of you.

pinterest Comments


I hope you have enjoyed this post on pinpinterest review this is completely my personal experience. I have made this post to help my Blogger friends who are interested to increase their Pinterest traffic. If you like this article please share, like and comment.

Signup: Start Free Pinpinterest Trail 

The disclosure this post will contain affiliate links for your convenience.



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