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Cryptocurrency Landing Pages: 7 Tips to Make Them Effective and Engaging

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There are so many examples of landing pages available these days. In addition to this, some people decide to have a page builder on their side. They have dozens of design choices that will determine your website appearance. However, when it comes to the topic of cryptocurrency, you need to think carefully. Your landing page should boost conversions. Your landing page should be able to engage your target audience. What are these elements and practices that will make your crypto landing page impress others? We are here to provide you with five tips connected with this question. You will also have a chance to look through some examples. Without any words, let us start explaining everything to you. More Similar Posts Soda Can Mockups, iPad & iPhone Mockups, Business Brochure Templates.

1. Make Certain to Use Intuitive, Smart, and Interactive Forms

Unfortunately, you can lose some conversions if your forms are not done right. For this reason, you should make them worth their while. You do not have to include an extremely long form. Only ask for these pieces of information you really need. If it is not important enough, do not ask people to provide you with it. You do not need to know everything about your lead. It is possible to get extra details later. Furthermore, you can always add an exciting offer to your form. Give users the opportunity to download something that would be interesting from. These can be a book, ultimate guide, and other things. It is also possible to include statistics, interesting facts, and promises. As an example, you can pay your attention to such a ready-made solution as CryptoBank. Look below and see a respectable example.

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CryptoBank template

2. Try to Avoid Using Video Backgrounds

It may seem that video backgrounds are perfect for telling the brand story. You can also say that it helps with increasing your brand value. Moreover, people pay more attention to the movement. However, it is likely to reduce your conversions. Yes, we agree that video backgrounds and extra hover effects may look attractive In terms of your crypto landing, it is better to use an ordinary static alternative. Your visitors are supposed to focus on your content. They should click on your call-to-action. For this reason, simplicity is your key to success when it comes to landing page cryptocurrency. We promised to provide you with examples. Take a glance at Bicosto and its simple but elegant design.

Bicosto theme

3. Combine Different Types of Social Proof

To be honest, social proof is one of the greatest ways to make your landing page crypto more credible and trustworthy. There are many ways to make users rely on your services.

  • Authority Social Proof

You can present reviews from authorities and experts from the cryptocurrency field. Testimonials written by a respected professional will make your landing page deserve more views.

  • People Like Me

Reviews from people who took advantage of your services are also important. For the reason that people always wonder whether others had opted for the same services.

If you look thoroughly at Bitcoin, you will find a few examples of how social proof can be presented. By the way, some people are also interested in presenting news connected with cryptocurrency. If you are one of them, check out these wonderful news templates that will match your needs.

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bitcoin landing page template

4. Make Certain to Make Your Crypto Landing Page Long

You are not going to lose anything if you make your landing page long. It will not make you lose the desired conversions. On the contrary, your conversion will rise. For the reason that you will present more information to get familiar with. Try to provide your potential clients with as much information as possible. However, do not add content to add length. You should have only informative and relevant components. If it brings value to your readers and engages them, everything is completely fine. We have a nice example for you again. It is a modern WordPress theme for Bitcoin and ICO landing page called Сrypcash. Below, it is only a small part of it but you can check its full potential by clicking the link.

crypcash wordpress theme

We have a few more tips for you. We are not going to focus too much attention on them. Everything is simple with these points. What is more, each of the examples mentioned on the top can be applied to them. Try to memorize them all to get the highest level of effectiveness.

5. Use Icons and Images to Tell a Story

Creative storytelling is an extremely engaging theme. Take advantage of this approach to include your pages in the list of the best ICO landing pages. By the way, it is possible to use images as exciting directional cues.

6. Write Killing Headlines That Play to Emotion

We pretty understand that this can sound a little bit obvious. Anyway, experts always emphasize the importance of the headline that triggers emotions. Make certain to write a headline that is not only understandable and up to a point. Come up with something attention-grabbing and exclusive that will make your cryptocurrency landing page distinguish itself from others.

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7. Delete All the Distractions Your Viewers Might Notice

Your crypto landing page should be straight to the point. In such a way, you can limit form fields or banish the navigator bar. Do not forget the main goal of your landing page and everything will be amazing.

Have you heard that 61% of marketers say that their biggest challenge is to generate traffic and leads? It seems to us that you do not want to be in their number. For this reason, make sure to check these pieces of advice and implement them in your designs. In such a way, it will not be a huge problem to get the biggest number of conversions. We really hope that these seven tips were useful to you. Thanks for reading!


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