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Become a Blogger: 5 Easy Steps to Launch Your Original Blog

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Have you decided that a blog is something that you have always dreamt of? Actually, you are not the only one who views blogging as his or her passion. Some of them are gaining money thanks to sharing their posts. Others are just crazy about the idea of writing and communicating with all the world through their posts. What I want to say is you have made a great decision. If you do not want to become overwhelmed with tasks connected with creating a new blog, I have something for you. Today, we are going to learn a few things that allow launching your blog quicker. You will find out more about the entire process and understand that there is no need to be a programming genius. Let me start speaking about details right now…

Step 1, or The Question of Topic. What Do You Want to Write About?

What Do You Want to Write About

In my opinion, this section is going to be the most entertaining one (or the simplest one). Choosing a topic for your blog relies on the easiest principle ever. You need to write about things that you are really interested in. This is going to work when you launch your blog just for fun.

Unfortunately, everything becomes a little bit more difficult when one wants to make a living with the help of his or her blog. Not all topics make it possible to earn money. For this reason, I really want you to answer the following three questions.

1. Do you really adore writing on the chosen topic?

It is a really important question you should take into consideration. Each of us tends to have various passing interests that we forget about in a few months. Imagine choosing a topic that you will be no longer interested in a short period of time. Your readers will be waiting for your new posts. Instead of writing something exciting, you will have nothing to satisfy their curiosity. To my mind, no one wants to face such a difficult situation. For this reason, you need to be sure that you are passionate about the topic. In either case, it will turn out to be true torture to write about something that you do not consider to be engaging.

2. What about others? Do they adore reading about your topic?

Without a doubt, you want to build a huge and loyal audience. In this case, you need to write posts about those things that people will be happy to read about. There are some tools that can provide you with assistance in this task. As an example, you are free to take advantage of KWFinder. You just need to enter some keywords that have something to do with the chosen topic. Then, you will be provided with statistics on how often users search for them per month. As a result, it should become easier to understand what kind of information people are looking for.

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3. Is it possible to earn money writing on this topic?

In order to answer this question, there are even more additional questions that you should pay your attention to. First of all, are there companies that can grow their audience thanks to your posts? Furthermore, are there other blogs that have the same topic? Finally, is it possible for you to create some extra products and services (with selling and promoting them on your blog)?

I am sure of one single thing. When you are ready with answers to all these questions, everything should become a little bit easier for you. Now, it is time to speak on the next step in this guide.

Step 2, or Your Perfect Blogging Platform. What Should You Choose?

Your Perfect Blogging Platform

To cut a long story short, I want to focus your attention on WordPress. I could speak a lot on different platforms – free and paid ones, including Joomla, Squarespace, Blogger, and many others. Despite a wide selection of variants, exactly WordPress powers almost one-fourth of websites all over the web. In order to assure you of choosing exactly this CMS, it is important to mention some specific reasons.

  1. WordPress is simple enough even for non-technical people who are going to launch their first blog.
  2. WordPress has a large community that is always ready to provide people with all the necessary help.
  3. WordPress is a platform that has tons of themes and plugins. This means that it is super-easy to change how your website looks like. As I have already mentioned, you do not need to possess any special technical knowledge.

These benefits are really crucial but I should also speak about a few additional details. There is a difference between and
  • You do not have full control over your website.
  • If you do not pay for a business plan, you will not be ready to customize your blog.
  • There are some restrictions when it comes to making money thanks to your website.
You are free to install any WordPress theme your soul wants. In other words, you can control your blog as your soul wants.
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Step 3, or Your Domain Name and Hosting. What Aspects Do You Need to Know?

Your Domain Name and Hosting

If you are not familiar with the characteristics of the domain name, I am ready to explain everything to you.

  • It is your constant address on the online-space.This means that every single person can type your domain name into the address bar and get access to your blog.
  • It is something like your tiny calling card or brand.Usually, a domain name coincides with the name of your blog. As you can understand, you create your brand by choosing your future domain name.

How can you choose the most appropriate domain name? There are four main rules that will guide you through this process.

  1. Choose something that is relevant to your topic. If your blog is about graphic design, it will be not appropriate to create a domain name connected with clothes. People should immediately understand what your blog is about.
  2. Make it remarkable. Your potential readers should be able to memorize your domain name.
  3. It is better to avoid number and hyphens in your domain name. Some people are not good at remembering hard domain names. Make everything easier for them and make sure they will come back to your blog.
  4. There are multiple domain extensions available. Anyway, try to choose .com if it is possible.

While a domain name is your address on the Internet, hosting is a way to power your website. Thanks to hosting, people will be ready to land on the actual blog with the chosen domain name. There are so many services that you can opt for. Some people prefer using CloudWays Hosting, while others encourage others to take advantage of SiteGround. It can be called a great variant for novices who are looking for something affordable and understandable.

Step 4, or The Overall Appearance of Your Blog. How to Choose a Great WordPress Theme?

How to Choose a Great WordPress Theme

One more important aspect that you cannot forget about is a general look of your blog. There is no need to remind you how popular WordPress is. For this reason, there are tons of high-quality and attention-grabbing themes available on the Internet that you can choose from. In order to save you time, I have prepared a small list of WordPress themes that you can turn your attention to.


celerony theme

A minimalist variant that is perfect for those people who want to share posts on creative topics.



A great ready-made solution that can be used for creating unique and eye-catching lifestyle blogs.


RAMS theme

An excellent theme from the collection of movie WordPress themes that can promote your agency or personal work by means of different well-structured posts.

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Maintenance service

In order to install your theme, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Login to your admin WordPress area. Click on Appearance and choose Themes.

choose Themes

2. Click on the button Add New.

add new

3. Click on the button Upload Theme.

4. Select your archive and click Install Now.

theme installation

5. After your theme is installed, you will get a message that will inform you of the successful installation.


All screenshots are taken from

By the way, it is possible to learn how to create a blog on the basis of the ready-made solution thanks to various tutorial videos. For example, it is completely possible to find out how to wrap text in Google Slides. If you are interested in video tutorials on blogs, here is one of them.

If you hold by your opinion and want to use another platform, you can always browse a wide range of other ready-made solutions. As an example, Joomla photography template to present your talent in this sphere or other items.

Step 5, or Your Excellent Posts. What Tips to Follow in Order to Write Them?

What Tips to Follow in Order to Write Them

So many blogs, so many posts. How is it possible to stand out from the crowd? I will try to introduce some pieces of advice. Maybe, they sound too obvious but they make sure people will have a desire to read your posts.

  1. Speak directly to your readers. Think about them while writing your posts. Make certain your words will somehow manage to make them happy.
  2. Provide help and value by means of your future posts. If you provide your readers with an exceptional kind of help, your popularity is going to grow every single day.
  3. You are unique. Your posts need to be unique too. Forget about writing about something that was mentioned thousands of times before you. Do not reinvent the wheel and impress your followers with something new and unique.

In general, you should think about bringing a brand new perspective. If you try to achieve this goal, it will provide you with a wonderful foundation for a widely-recognized blog.

A Few Words in Conclusion

I really hope that your adventure on launching a blog will turn out to be successful. Just feel free to share your thoughts on things that you like, take advantage of some monetizing tactics, and everything will be fine. Thanks for reading!


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